MDLive Individual Subscription

$10.00 / month

MDLive Individual Subscription

You’re one step closer to feeling better.

1. Choose the organization you support.

A portion of your monthly payments will support the verified organization of your choice.

2. Create Account & Pay

Create your rFundRaiser account to manage your MDLive subscription and payments.

3. Activate with MDLive

Head over to MDLive to activate your account and download the app.


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    • MDLIVE is an inexpensive alternative to the emergency room or urgent care center
    • MDLIVE Providers are available after hours, nights, weekends and even holidays
    • Your primary care physician is not always available or booked for weeks in advance.
    • Prescriptions are faster and more convenient (when appropriate).
    • Getting medical care during business trips and vacations is easier and less stressful
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