Sponsor/Local Advertising

Advertising options that can generate huge revenues for your program or school!

Fundraising Made Easy!

You can post ads for your local businesses. You set the prices! You make 100% of that ad revenue.
Ads can be placed on your rSchoolToday Web site, Team Sites, Activity Scheduler, and School Calendar.
Ads can also be placed on any non-rSchoolToday Web page too using our Ad Widget.

How it works

We can add an Ad Widget to any website and then run your Local Ads through our Ad Server, and provide all of the services we do; reporting of views and clicks, helping with your graphic dimensions, and even designing ads for your Sponsors/Local Advertisers at a GREAT price.


Set your own prices


Contact your local businesses


Businesses send us their ads (we can create them)


You get paid directly by the Advertisers


You keep 100% of the revenue*

* small administrative fee for each advertiser


Monthly report from rSchoolToday of your Ad traffic

Contact Us for Local Advertising

To get started, or with questions, please contact us