Web Advertising Sponsorship Program
Athletic Department Information Sheet

    Congratulations! By choosing to participate in the rFundraiser web advertising sponsorship program you are on your way to earning funds for your athletic department! This information request form will help us get to know your community better which will allow us to find sponsors that best suit your school. All revenue generated during this web advertising sponsorship program will be split 50-50 after all hard costs incurred by rFundraiser in the solicitation and fulfillment of the advertisers.

    Do you wish to have your funds paid to the school directly or held in lieu to pay for; other rSchoolToday programs, or services or equipment from other vendors? (We normally issue checks within 30 days of receipt of the funds from the advertiser.)

    Name of school:
    Athletic Director:
    Contact Number:
    Email Address:
    Asst. AD / Secretary:
    Contact Number:
    Email Address:

    What fundraisers has the Athletic Department been involved in in the last two years:

    What incentives are you willing to provide sponsors:

    Include sponsors in your sports programsOffer PA announcements at gamesOffer tickets - eg: a pair of tickets to homecoming game or big game of the year-can be any sport.

    Please list any businesses that you have relationships with that you suggest we NOT contact: Company / Contact Name / Phone Number

    What sports medicine group supplies your school’s athletic trainers?

    Are there any food vendors contracted to sell concessions at school events or in the café?

    What company holds school’s insurance policy?

    What company supplies you with teamgear, supplies (uniforms, t’s, trophies, etc.)?

    Please list any other partners/businesses that you may want us to contact and offer the sponsorship program to: Business / Contact Name / Phone Number